Vacuum service

AJAKS provides a wide range of services related to industrial cleaning using different types of vacuum loaders. We offer fast vacuum unloading and loading of all kinds of materials and sediments as well as unloading, loading and transportation of dangerous materials with our EX certified vacuum units. A large number of loaders we possess allows us to remove any volume of materials (also dangerous) of any density from vessels, containers, silos, reactors etc. These services can be used separately or as a part of complex industrial cleaning. Application of our vacuum service in any form improves the efficiency of other maintenance works during shutdowns and turnarounds.

We can also offer vacuuming of industrial equipment and plants such as refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, power plants, heat and power stations, paper mills, pulp mills, steelworks, cement works etc. During performance of these works our vacuum units can be used both for unloading and loading, as well as for transportation of removed waste and materials (also dangerous).

Thanks to our wide equipment base and highly skilled personnel, together with chemical rescuers, all works related to unloading and loading of materials can be conducted in toxic and explosive atmosphere. What’s more, our technicians who always use a top-range safety equipment, can perform unloading and loading of materials from all kinds of confined spaces.